Part II - Your Reflections

You Practice: Intimacy with the World Inside Your Body

There is no substitute for a yoga practice. See Part II #2, where more about this, and practical strategies to establish a daily practice for yourself, are shared! Your practice becomes a part of your life in the same way that brushing your teeth and taking a shower are: not an issue, yet fundamental. To practice yoga is also the first qualification needed to teach it. So, before you respond to the following questions,  please practice daily for at least forty days using the Five Principles of Practice, if you haven’t already! Mark talks them through clearly in Part II #6. And of course, any of the practice videos demonstrate them in action. 

Please take this opportunity to share some of your reflections on it all by responding to the questions below. There are no right or wrong answers. Your encounter with what we share here is the next "great meeting" in the history of yoga, and your translation of it through your own life experience will sustain it as a living thing relevant to your time.
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