Now what?

There is so much fear in the world right now. Our yoga allows us to be free in the world even in the midst of difficulties. We can now act to heal the world through feeling our connection with everyone and everything in the embrace of "that which is great." 

We are the power of this cosmos, which is pure intelligence, perfect nurturing, and utter beauty. We don't have to realize it because we are it. In the face of fear, we embrace what we are. We know ourselves as this power and recognize it as the truth of others. This knowing allows us to truly love ourselves and others and all the intrinsic harmonies of our cosmos.

The Heart of Yoga community is a gathering of practitioners offering world wide support. It continues to be present for you after you’ve done your initial training. We offer mentoring, online personal and group meetings, retreats, and  ongoing teacher trainings, in many locations. Our mission is to have good yoga teachers in every community around the world.

Heart of Yoga monthly online sangha:

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