Welcome to the Heart of Yoga first Online Teacher Training.
It has come from the real-life experiences of many people and from heartfelt dialogue between friends, and is part of the great worldwide process of returning us back to ourselves and the wonder of our own condition. We hope it will be helpful to you.

In a time when many people are questioning what yoga actually is, we offer an answer. It arises from consideration of a few basic facts: Firstly, that you are the power of this cosmos, arising as pure intelligence and utter beauty. Secondly, that you are already in perfect and intrinsic harmony with the rest of the cosmos, with air, with light, with the green realm, with water, and with male and female collaboration. This is a fact! It is not a spiritual idea or poetry. Yoga is nothing more and nothing less than participation in this fact.

When you radically stop looking, you might notice there is a movement of life, a unitary movement of body and mind and relatedness. Is your life happening without seeking, without looking, without requiring. It is? Yes! Yoga is not something that you do. Yoga does you.
—    Mark Whitwell

This online education is a condensed communication of the heart of yoga, from its ancient origins through to modern times. It is not mere philosophical speculation or conjecture; it is actual yoga stemming from a love of life and an understanding of life formed under the immense influence of wisdom culture and wise people. You will learn the tools to practice for yourself, and this has the power to create sublime results in your life. That is a promise!

Pay as you go (PAYG) model with unlimited access from a $99 investment. At the end of each part, you will be able to share your reflections on it all by responding to some tailor made questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Your encounter with what we share here is the next "great meeting" in the history of yoga, and your translation of it through your own life experience will sustain it as a living thing relevant to your time.

Our mission is to have good yoga teachers in every community around the world.
It is the hope for humanity.


“Mark’s teaching has had a profound impact on me. And has caused such a shift and a real deep sense of relief.”
— Wendy McGregor
“I’ve learned a lot of valuable things from this resource; first and foremost, that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with me that I need to conquer or overcome to find a better life. That I can use yoga to open to, participate and immerse myself in my own experience as it is. Even if it is painful.”
— Jan Stefan Kaczmarek
“Thank you so much for taking the time and energy, forethought and caring to develop and record this program. It is invaluable! Even though I’ve completed the teacher training already, hearing them in this format was so instructive and I learned many new details that were very relevant.”
— Sarah McGrath